Workouts to Lose Weight

By: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


Today, I've got 3 workouts to help you lose weight fast. But be warned, these workouts are not for the faint of heart. Actually, neither is losing weight for that matter. What I mean is to lose weight you must be committed to working your butt off and then eating a healthy diet in moderate portions.

I've met so many who say they want to lose weight but are not truly pushing themselves (mentally or physically) to reach their weight loss goals. So, the first thing you need to remember is that intense workouts are the key to burning calories!!! The second thing you need to put into practice is simply eating less. When you combine the two you will lose weight. And not just any weight but fat. Because after all, the goal is fat loss, not muscle loss, right? How many skinny and flabby people have you seen in your life? I've seen plenty and it's not a nice picture. Working out, using resistance training workouts, will preserve your muscle mass and help you burn more fat. Don't ever forget that!

Ok, let's have a look at the 3 workout videos. I'd recommend doing each one of these workouts once per week so that you get in 3 solid workouts. If you want to really take it to the next level, then do each of the workouts 2x per week so that you're working out intensely 6x per week. And believe me, at that intensity and frequency you'll be burning some serious fat!

This fat loss workout is by far the most challenging. But it only takes about 15-20 minutes!


Next, you can use this workout:


And, finally, I've thrown in a quick home workout that will take you about 5-10 minutes to complete in the comfort of your own your living room with nothing more than a kettlebell, dumbbell, or even a knapsack!





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