"Why Can't I Lose Weight?"

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


If you've ever asked this question, then I'm about to give you an answer that may have crossed your mind when it comes to losing weight. It's called your "thermostat". You can also call your "programming" or "conditioning" if you'd like as well. They all mean the same thing.

The reason why you can't lose weight is that your thermostat is set at a specific temperature (or weight). For instance, based on your conditioning from early on in your life your unconscious mind will have programmed a weight that is within your "comfort zone". And since your unconscious mind (or conditioned mind) is based in fear and protection, it does not want you to uncomfortable.

Thus, if you lose weight, you may keep it off temporarily until your thermostat kicks and realizes that your weight is too low. As a result, it will cause you (unconsciously) to sabotage your success because your weight is incongruent with what your mind has been programmed to believe is truly you!

Make sense?

Let's look at some numbers to hit this example home. Okay, let's say that for whatever reason, your unconscious mind (or thermostat) was programmed to believe that your ideal weight is 175 lbs. Now, if you lose 20 lbs, thus turning down the temperature on your thermostat, what's going to happen?

Like any thermostat you will unconsciously do things to bring your weight back up to your thermostat's programmed setting of 175 lbs!


How it All Begins

Unfortunately, from a very young age we observe and mirror our parents and other role models. And we go to great lengths to earn their approval. Thus, if you grew up in a household that valued eating food and you associated food with love and comfort, then your unconscious mind will carry that belief for decades to come - unless you shatter this belief.

After all, if your parents were (or are) overweight, then wouldn't you be going against them by losing weight? Sounds ridiculous I know but these are things that are going on without you even knowing about them.


Reprogram Your Mind

The first thing you need to do is readjust your thermostat or conditioning mind by spending time working on yourself.

Start by focusing on the body and health you want to create. Believe without a shadow of a doubt that you can have this goal and that you deserve to achieve it. Notice the words...believe, deserve, create.

These are 3 very important words to remember if you want to lose weight. You are essentially looking to create a new healthy body, and you must believe that you can do it and that you deserve it!

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