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Fitter U Testimonials



Fitter U is Doctor Approved!

"As a chiropractor, I see patients with a variety of injuries from playing on the court, to the pitch, to the backyard. Regardless of the level of competition at which the patient is participating, the bottom line often boils down to poor or inadequate general training for their activity resulting in injury. Evidence suggests that those who are at a higher level of fitness tend to recover from injury quicker. The problem that I hear when I ask about levels of activity always boils down to time.

With today’s pace of life, it is difficult for people to balance all aspects of their lives while still maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Yuri’s Fitter U workouts offer a unique and comprehensive strength and conditioning weight loss loss program that is ready when you are. Its simple and convenient format makes working out a pleasant experience.

Personally, I find resistance training to be the toughest part of my own conditioning program but Yuri seems to tune into your earphones at just the right time to motivate you through those last 3 reps. I’m also a big fan of the up-tempo, electronic and jazzy tunes that serve as a back-drop for Fitter U. The music really helps to push you through and keep you moving.

So, how has Fitter U helped me? Well, from a professional perspective, patients on a training program like Fitter U have recovered quicker from injury than those who were not active. From a personal side, I have my session with Fitter U on a daily basis and as a result, have noticed increased endurance, strength and energy.

If you haven’t tried the program yet, I encourage you to do so! It’s cutting edge personal training from the convenience of your MP3 player, that you can take anywhere you are."

Dr. Henry Candelaria
ART® & Medical Acupuncture Provider



Fitter U is Doctor Approved...Again!

"Yuri, I want to thank you for introducing me to your Fitter U program (which I should now call the Fitter ME program, as that's how I feel!)

In the past, I've tried working out on my own without much success. I've also had a number of workout-outs prescribed for me by some amazing trainers, but the follow-up on my part was always lacking, and the workouts seem far too complex and time consuming.

But with Fitter U I can honestly say that I've been much more consistent and committed to working out than any attempt I have made in the past.

As a chiropractor, I rely upon my body to be strong, reliable, and optimized, which is how I've been feeling since begining Fitter U just 2 months ago. Having your guidance with me during my workouts (through my MP3 player) truly is like having a "little Yuri" sitting on my shoulder pushing me to do one more repetition when I least want to.

It makes a big difference. You feel accoutable to someone ...and there's a natural progression in the amount of work you are able to do each time you work out.

I've recommended Fitter U to a number of my patients and will continue to do so. It's an efficient use of's a cost-effective investment...and it leads to fantastic results!"

Dr. Brian Dower
Park Road Healing Arts


"I feel great! I can already feel and see a difference both physically and mentally."

"About a month ago, I finally joined a gym here in Boston and started using your Fitter U program. (I proudly declined the complementary training session offered as part of the gym membership and told the sales rep that I already had a personal trainer on my iPod). After Day 1, I knew I would be hooked. The workouts are fun, energizing, and fit easily into my busy schedule - there's no need to spend all day at the gym!

What I love about the program is that I no longer have to think about my workout - no more considering, "what should I work on next?". Fitter U is productive and efficient, and having you in my ear, encouraging and pushing me, truly is the next best thing to working with you in person. I find I've been pushing myself harder during the Phase 1 workouts than I normally would have if I was on my own.

Most importantly, I feel great! I can already feel and see a difference both physically and mentally. The interval training has helped boost my stamina and endurance, which I really notice on the cardio days. And the positive imagery and coaching you provide has filtered into my daily life. I find I'm setting goals and rewards for myself beyond the workouts, and when the going gets tough (both during interval training and in my life), I try to smile and think of how good I'll feel when I get through to the end."

Andrew Swartz
Boston, USA


"...all of this in just 4 weeks! Simply amazing!"

"Hey Yuri, I just wrapped up Phase 1 of Fitter U this week and just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail to say thanks. There are so many positive things to share. First up -- the program is nicely structured and the routines are laid out well which means that I know exactly which days to work out and what exercises I have to do. It's helped me to maintain my workout schedule, stay on track and not get too overwhelmed.

I feel physically stronger than I was 4 weeks ago, I’m more energized and focused and don’t feel constantly tired anymore. I’m sleeping much better plus I’m now much more conscious of what I put into my body and try to avoid the soda’s and fast food whenever possible. I haven’t had either in over a month and I’m beginning to see (and feel) the physical changes already… all of this in just 4 weeks! Simply amazing!

I have to admit Phase 1 was very challenging for me, but having you in my ear prompting, guiding and offering support was invaluable and helped me to push through when all I really wanted to do was call it a day and grab a Big Mac! Let’s just say that even though you weren’t there physically with me, I felt like you were right beside me encouraging me the whole time. Best of all, I feel like I’m on track to achieving all 3 of my fitness goals plus … I’m actually beginning to live a healthier lifestyle … which I guess is the ultimate goal!

Thanks again, Yuri. Awesome program!"

Gerry Azevedo
Toronto, Canada


"It was so thrilling to feel my body capable and wanting even more challenge."

"Hi Yuri, I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I finished Phase One of the Fitter U™ mp3 fitness program and today I ran my first ever 5km!! It was amazing! I don't know if it was the coincidence of finishing phase one just before the run today, or what, but I really felt things have changed for me over this last month.

It was so thrilling to feel my body capable and wanting even more challenge. I think I had my first real runner's high too. (After the run, there were many stands of free goodies to eat, and I kept hearing your voice in my head saying to go for a quickly absorbable sugar! I chose juice over the crispy creme donuts.)

Actually, I hear your voice quite often. Your positive reinforcement, encouragement and insightful comments stay with me long after the workouts. I really do find you an inspiration! Thank you for your hard work putting this program together. And thank you mostly for your passion about health and living life to the fullest.

I am more excited than ever to continue working with the Fitter U™ Phase Two and I am going to incorporate your running guides (Treadmill Trainer™) into my cardio days."

Jennifer Swartz
Montreal, Canada


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