Success Habits for Lasting Weight Loss Results

By: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


Whether it's January 1 or the middle of the summer, it’s time to journey deep inside to discover what you really want, and go for it! It's time to establish your fitness and weight loss goals and start creating success habits that will get you there.

But before going any further, take a minute and think of where you were just one year ago, and what has changed over this past year. You can think of many areas of your life including health and fitness, business and career, family, primary relationship, finances, recreation, and any others that are meaningful to you.

Every year, within just a few short weeks of writing out our New Year's resolutions or goals, most people fall way off track and slip back into their old habits. If you can relate to this, then perhaps it’s time to try something different this coming year.

Goals are really nothing more than a commitment to developing habits that will lead to specific results that you want to achieve. Realize that where you are today is a direct result of your past thoughts and habitual ways of acting. Therefore, if you want to change your future results you must immediately start adopting habits that will empower you to where you want to go.

Here are five “success psychology” strategies that will help you:


1. Identify Your Reasons Why

Without compelling reasons for taking action you just won’t have the wherewithal to continue pursuing your intended goal. Anything worth achieving isn’t easy – that’s what makes it so rewarding. Therefore, you need to be tuned in to exactly why you want to lose 20 lbs or gain more muscle or anything else. You will find your answers when you have enough reasons for doing something! Start immediately by identifying as many reasons as possible for achieving your goal(s).


2. Think Bigger and Smaller

To achieve great things you must thing big. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “What is something that I want to achieve that is so huge that if I achieved it would absolutely blow my mind?” Use your answer as your starting point.

At the same time, success breeds more success. In order to achieve bigger successes in life you must start out with smaller ones. Focusing on one small step at a time – and achieving that goal – develops confidence, and confidence allows you to move on to more challenging targets.

It is the day-to-day ‘short-term’ goals that provide the key to these successes. Short-term goals, being either daily, weekly or monthly, are the most important because they provide frequent and habitual focus. Research on Olympic athletes has found that setting daily training goals was one factor that distinguished successful performers from their less successful counterparts.


3. Always, Always Keep Your Word

Being able to do what you say you’re going to do is one of the most important elements for building greater self-esteem. Therefore, never commit to something that you are not going to do. If you keep setting yourself up for failure by committing to things that don’t get done, then success will only be an illusion for you.

Make a commitment to do what you say you are going to do. Your word should mean something to you because it definitely means something to others. What if someone told you that they would take care of a pressing matter for you and then didn’t do so? Would you consider that person worthy of your trust? Probably not. Well, the same goes for you…and the trust and respect you either give or don’t give to yourself!

So watch what you commit to by initially making small commitments and building on them. Remember, you commit to something as soon as you declare it vocally or through writing. To begin building your self-esteem and positive momentum start off by committing to 3 simple habits that you will do every day no matter what.


4. Clean Up Your Messes and Incompletions

Imagine your closet for a moment. It is packed so tightly with clothes that you can’t even close the door. However, at the same time, you’re out shopping for a new outfit. But how on earth do you expect to fit your new purchase into a closet that is absolutely stuffed? You can’t!

And the same applies in your life. Irritating thoughts that are on your mind, a messy physical environmental, or tasks that have not been completed all way you down and drain your energy. You may not even recognize it but it’s true.

How can you expect to bring new exciting things into your life if there is no room for them because of overwhelming mental and physical clutter? Clean up your mental clutter by letting go of grudges, forgiving people who may have hurt you in the past, and by focusing on positive empowering thoughts. Cleaning up your physical environment will also result in tremendous mental clarity and an ability to focus on important tasks. So, make your bed and clean up your room, office, car, and anything else that needs cleaning or organizing. I know I may sound like your mom but believe me it works!


5. Create Massive Leverage for Yourself

If you set a goal make sure somebody holds you accountable. Tell a friend, a spouse, or a family member of what it is you want to achieve and make sure they keep you on track – no matter what! If you have a fitness goal, then hire a trainer or use the Fitter U iPod workouts.

The most successful people in any area of life all have mentors or coaches. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to go, one thing is for sure…having an external source of motivation, accountability, and guidance will get you to your goal much faster!


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