My 3 Best Stability Ball Ab Exercises

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN



I love using the stability ball becomes over an entirely new challenge to my body. And when it comes to abdominal training, I've got so many fantastic ab exercises that revolve around the stability ball that I just had to share 3 of my favourite ones with you.


Stability Ball Roll-Out

As you've seen in the video, this exercise is a progression for your simple plank on the ball. The reason that it is so challenging for your abs is that as ball moves further away from you it creates a greater moment arm on your hip region. As a result, your abdominal fire like crazy to provide the necessary force and stability to protect your lower back.

But as I mention in the video, you need to ensure that you maintain your posterior pelvic tilt (ie. tuck your tailbone under) during this movement. Otherwise, you may end up feeling more strain on your lower than your abs.


Sprint Start Shuffles

The name obviously comes from the fact that this ab exercise looks like a sprinter starting out of the starting blocks. A great movement that involves huge amounts of pelvic stability while training your abdominal muscles through the sagital plane of movements. This is a very good abdominal movement for runners, and really all humans, since we walk, run, and climb stairs in a straight-forward manner.


Drive, Tuck, and Turns

Oh my god! This abdominal exercise may be the most challenging of the lot. It's really an evolution of the sprint start shuffles because it involves a twisting motion, which means that it now brings your obliques into the picture. This is yet another movement for any sporting endeavour that requires twisting (ie. tennis, soccer, hockey, golf) and an overall killer ab exercise for anyone who wants to build abs of steel!


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