Looking for a Personal MP3 Trainer?

Are you looking for a personal mp3 trainer? An expert fitness coach you can download onto your iPod or mp3 player to motivate and guide you through your workouts?

Well, look no further. You've come to the right place. Meet Fitter U.

Fitter U is the world's only 12-week fitness program for mp3 players led by world-renowned personal trainer Yuri Elkaim. The reason Yuri developed Fitter U was to meet the needs of many of his people he couldn't work with either because of their time or financial restraints. So he developed a more convenient and more affordable way to help people that needed his expert coaching.

Essentially, Yuri recorded his voice into MP3 format, literally guiding you step-by-step through each of the Fitter U workouts. As Yuri said...

"So many people can't afford to work with a personal trainer but yet they need to. They spend too much time in the gym, wandering around aimlessly without any structure or intensity to their workouts. I developed Fitter U to literally 'clone' myself onto peoples' mp3 players so that I could be their fitness trainer right through their headphones. And at a fraction of the price!"

Since its released in early 2006, Fitter U has helped thousands of people around the world lose weight fast and get in the best shape of their lives. Yuri continues...

"I wanted to create something different. Something unique. The workout programs that are offered online are all the same. An ebook that you download. Wow. Big whoop. There are so dull and boring. People need to motivation. They need to feel as if someone is there with them during their workouts. Fitter U provides that for them. I've had people email saying that they actually started responding to me during the workouts themselves. They were so entrenched in the mp3 workouts that they forgot that I was only on their headphones. I think that's great!"

Fitter U is a 12-week program that is geared towards to weight loss and dramatic fitness improvements. The workouts are based on the principles of circuit training and interval training. As a result, they allow people to workout for less time while getting much better results than they would on their own. Once you press play, Yuri guides you through the entire workout from warm-up all the way through to the cool down. He tells you what to do, how to do it, and keeps you motivated throughout with unbending inspiration and encouragement.

In all, there are 35 hours of mp3 workouts in the Fitter U program with each one progressively becoming more challenging as you get fitter throughout the course of the 12 weeks. The downloadable program also comes with an 80-page ebook called the "Success Journal" that houses all the workout trackers, exercise pictures, goal sheets, and more.

With all it entails and the results it has produced Fitter U is by far a revolution in fitness. So if you're looking for a personal mp3 trainer to help you get incredible fat loss and fitness results, then you won't want to pass on these mp3 workouts.


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