6 Leg Exercises for Strong and Sexy Legs

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


I love training my legs!

Too many people don't. Especially guys. I don't know why? Perhaps they're too focused on building their chest and arms.

You should always remember that your legs (your lower body) are the roots - they are your foundation. The more you strengthen your legs through leg exercises like the ones I've demonstrated in the video, the stronger you're going to feel in all areas of your life.

Running, walking, climbing stairs, biking, bending down, playing sports, and so much will become almost effortless as you start paying more attention to exercising your legs on a regular basis.

The leg exercises in the video are just examples of exercises that will shape, tone, and strengthen your legs. The best leg exercises are those that mimic natural movements that you encounter in real life. For instance, squats are probably the most important of all exercises since they replicate the exact joint angles and subsequent muscle activation patterns that are seen in running and jumping. For athletes, they are a must!

Similarly, lunges are fantastic. Lunges are great leg exercises for runners, athletes, and really anyone in general. Why? Well, they replicate the motion of walking, running, and stair climbing. They strengthen the necessary leg muscles deep into the insertion points and allow you to become more efficient in those fundamental human movements.

If you're more interested in shaping and toning your legs, then please step away from leg machines and do the leg exercises in this video. There is no substitute for functional movements and machines, if anything, they will create muscle imbalances since they only target muscles, not movements.

Want a tight butt and sexy legs? Add lunges, squats, and step-ups into your workout routine and you'll never look back - I guarantee it!

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