Killer Leg and Back Workout

Yuri's Workout Log 4 - May 4, 2009

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


Yesterday's 5-hour workout was pretty ridiculous and I actually thought I might have to take the day off today. But, to be honest, I felt really good today. So therefore, it was business as usual. Today I completed a thrilling 35-minute leg and back workout.

This workout routine is truly an awesome push-pull workout. The leg workout is the "pushing" component while the back workout is the "pulling" component. Both complement one another very nicely because the pushing muscles get to recover when you're pulling, and vice versa.

I started with about 3 minutes on the rower to get both my legs and pulling muscles warm and then continued my warm-up with about 25 squats using just the barbell (45 lbs), and finally with a series of leg swings to further open up my hips.

Remember - dynamic warm-up - NEVER static stretch - before you workout!

So once I was warmed up and ready to go, here's what followed:


Superset #1 (repeated 3 times with little rest in between each set)

Squats - 8 reps x 225 lbs

Wide Grip Pull-ups (max) - average of 8 over 3 sets.


Superset #2 (repeated 3 times with little rest in between each set)

Reverse Standing Lunges - 12 reps x 95 lbs

Close grip chin ups (max) - average of 11 over sets.


Superset #3 (repeated 3 times with little rest in between each set)

Step ups - 12 reps x 65 lbs

Modified (Reverse) Pull-ups (max) - average of 10 over 3 sets.


I finished with a light 3 minute cool down on the bike as I drank my "natural gatorade" (lemon/lime juice, maple syrup, salt, glutamine, water), which, by the way, is much better than chocolate milk as a post-workout replenishment.

Finally, I spent a few minutes to STATIC STRETCH. I spent about 45 seconds stretching out my hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, and my lats. All were pretty stiff from yesterday's marathon training day!


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