"What a Great iPod Fitness Program"

A Client Success Story

By: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


I recently received a fantastic email from one of our Fitter U clients and I thought you might find it useful to hear what she had to say. Especially, in regards to choosing ipod fitness program. So have a look at what she wrote:

"Hi Yuri,

I just thought I'd drop you a line and say how much I'm enjoying your Fitter U iPod fitness program.

Having just finished the last week of Phase 1, I definitely feel stronger and want to complement you on your truly honourable dedication and passion to this work.

I for one am passing your information on here around my neighbourhood. We have a great group of mums who meet at the school bus stop and share our wisdom and trials with each other. We are all health conscious and try to do the right thing. We have scenic walks, with hills and bushland around the beautiful gardens.

Recently, I searched iTunes for an ipod fitness program and came across your Fitter U and Total Wellness Consulting podcasts and really enjoyed your positive and infectious energy. It really came through on the video and audio samples.

I also purchased your ebook, Eating for Energy. My goal is to look fabulous for my 55th birthday in May.

I've put my faith in you and myself and want to thank you making sense of how to live with uncompromised health.

Your fun, fountain of information raves during warm ups and cool downs, along with your encouragement throughout the workouts, makes me want to come back for more and keep exercising.

Well done on a very accessible product.

So, a bit about myself. I'm a 54 year old mother (same age as Oprah ... we're young in mind body and spirit) I've always followed an exercise program, yoga in my younger years and Pilates in the latter. That's one of the reasons I love your workouts, because they're so close to the Pilates way of working, with the breathing and the use of the stability ball.

I've been a vegetarian/vegan/fish eater in different orders for over 37 years. I have 3 kids, 26, 13 and 11. Yes a big gap, my youngest daughter was born when I was 43.

Now, going through that "M word" phase of life, and at 10 kilos overweight, I need to up my game, if for no other reason than to get through my kids' teenage years, which are coming right up.

I don't go to the gym, preferring to working out at home. I have some great stairs and also a good area of grass to run on and the neighbourhood to warm up and cool down with.

We're getting an Elliptical Machine for the kindness to my joint. I had a SI injury 8 years ago, and still have to take care not to aggravate it with back extensions and I also need to take care with my sometimes painful left knee, a symptom of the hip injury.

I'll be ready for next weeks training to do some serious, but comfortable cardio workout on the new machine. I'll use your elliptical workout session. This is so great, I'm very enthusiastic.

Because of your constant encouragement, even though I wasn't feeling too well this morning (thought I was catching a cold) and was tempted not to work out, I pushed through to do the last session of Phase 1, and felt better for it.

Thanks again!"

Vicki Larnach
Sydney, Australia

Pretty awesome, isn't it? If you haven't yet grabbed a copy of my Fitter U program and looking to get started with motivating and body shaping ipod workouts, then now is your chance...


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