How to Get Six Pack Abs | 4-Minute Ab Workout

By: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


Man, my abs are burning!

I just finished a four minute workout on my abs and they are on fire! This is Yuri Elkaim your personal fitness coach. I am going to take you through 6 ab exercises that I just did on my abdominals, and hopefully we can both make it through them. You can get a great burn and really get an awesome six pack with these ab exercises - in only 4 minutes!

We’re going to take 6 exercises and spend 30 seconds on each of them with little rest in between. Are you ready?

1. Touch the sky

Sit on the floor. Your legs go straight up, as do your arms. Bring your shoulder blades off the floor. You don’t want to be leaning toward the feet, you want your arms to be perpendicular to the floor. Nice and strong, nice and high. Point the toes and hold for 30 seconds.

2. Leg scissors

Lag on the floor with your upper body relaxed and your hands on the floor beside your body. One leg comes straight up as high as possible, perpendicular to the floor. The opposite leg comes up off the floor by about an inch, and stays parallel to the floor with the toe pulled toward the body. You’re holding a lot of lower abdominal hip flexor strength here for 30 seconds on one side and then switch it up and do 30 seconds on the other side.

3. V-sit

Start sitting on your sit bones in a V shape with your hands either on the floor or off. Raise your feet off the floor and extend your entire body so that your body is almost straight with only your bum touching. Your torso does not come onto the floor. Out and in, out and in. You can go fast or you can go slow – just go for 30 seconds.

4. Plank

Lay on the floor and come up onto your forearms and toes. Tuck in your abdominals and draw your belly button into the spine. Keep the back straight and hold it for 30 seconds.

5. Side Bridge with a Twist

This is like the regular plank, but instead of facing the floor, your body is turned to the side. Your weight is on one arm only and your top leg is placed in front of your bottom leg. Reach your non-supportive arm to the sky to begin. Take your arm that is reaching the sky and twist it so that your whole body twists almost into a regular plank. Your feet will pivot when you twist to complete the motion. Do 30 seconds on one side, 30 seconds on the other.

6. Reverse Leg Lift with Torso Raise

Lay on your back with your legs out in front of you. Your arms can either be at your side or placed out to your sides. If you have something behind you to grab onto, you can use that as well. Bring both of your legs up simultaneously using your abdominal strength so that your knees are right above your face and your lower legs are perpendicular to the floor. Once there, thrust your legs up toward the sky, straightening them.

If you really want to finish strong, you can add another 30 seconds of touch the sky. You are going to feel a monster burn in your abs. So, if you don’t have time for a workout and really want to get a great abdominal workout in – really cut them and shred them for the beach or for whatever reason, do this workout every day for a week and you’re going to notice a huge difference!


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