How to Get Fit and Lose Weight Fast

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


There is something that you need to know. There are several obstacles holding you from getting fit and losing weight fast!

We are talking about achieving the incredible body that you want and improving your fitness level to one that you can’t even possibly imagine. But there are things that are standing in your way and you need to know about them. You may be aware of them or you may not. One thing is for sure; all change starts with awareness.

I want to bring some things into your awareness so that you can be aware of what may be holding you back so that you can make some changes in your life to help yourself overcome some obstacles so that you can achieve your goals.

The first obstacle that I want to bring to your awareness is your ability, or inability to push yourself. I don’t mean this in a condescending way. We’re all human beings. We all have the same challenges. I have the same challenge. We need someone to push us because we are never going to push ourselves to the level that we need. I’m sure that you have realized this in your workouts or in your life in general.

There is a saying that says, “How you do anything is how you do everything. Let’s take the example of a workout, where you’re going through a set of push-ups. You want to do as many as you can possibly do. Maybe it’s 30, 50, or just 10 push-ups that you’re after. We can all get to the next level by doing 1 or 2 extra push-ups that we do not, in general, do on our own.

However, if you have ever worked out with a personal trainer, or a friend, or a team, you will know that having someone being there to push you makes a huge difference. It’s a lot easier foe someone else to sit there or stand there and tell you to do 3 more, 2 more, 1 more, than it is to tell yourself to do the same thing. You are the one going through the discomfort.

You are the one going through a little bit of pain, and it is very easy for your mind to say, “I’ve had enough, I’ve done well, and I’m stopping now.” Our inability to push ourselves is a big, big obstacle. Again, this is not just you; this is everyone, including me. We all need someone to push us because our inability to push ourselves limits us and keeps us from achieving the results that we want to achieve. If you are into running, weightlifting, or any other kind of fitness related or really anything else in your life that you need to step up to achieve, you can always push yourself more when you have somebody there to push you.

So, there is the first obstacle that you’re going to have to overcome to achieve the fitness and health that you desire. I am putting together a few more articles to show you some of the biggest obstacles that are holding you back from achieving incredible weight loss breakthroughs, incredible gains in strength, incredible increases in your fitness level that you never thought possible, all because these obstacles are there and you may not be aware of them. You can overcome these challenges and burdens in just a couple short weeks. You can get fitter an healthier than ever!


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