Home Workout with Bodyweight Exercises

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


Nothing beats a good home workout. If you're like me you probably get sick and tired of going to the gym sometimes, right? Having to wait for machines or weights or just dealing with the crowds. It can definitely be overwhelming and intimidating for many people.

I personally love cranking out an intense workout at home with nothing more than bodyweight exercises. It's so easy to do, takes no space (or weights), and you get an incredible workout in just a few minutes. No need to drive to the gym when you've got a home workout like the one I've shared with you in this video.

The Secret to a Great Home Workout is...

Preparing yourself as if you were going to the gym! What I mean by this is that you need to throw on your workout attire, turn off the TV, and get into your "workout mode" so it feels like you're actually in a workout environment. After all, our environment shapes us.

So put on your workout gear, get your ipod ready (if you want - I personally love working out to some good bumpin' house or drum & bass), and take note of these 6 bodyweight exercises.

You'll be setting these exercises up in a circuit training workout. Each exercise will last 30 seconds (or longer if you really want to push yourself) and there will be NO rest in between each bodyweight exercise. Doing so will not only challenge your muscles but also your cardiovascular system as your heart rate never has a chance to fully recover.

Once you've completed all 6 bodyweight exercises, you may then rest for 1 minute. Yes, only 1 minute! Repeat this workout for 2-3 sets.

What a way to start your day or de-stress and refocus yourself if you do this home workout during mid-day.

Here is your circuit training home workout will all 6 bodyweight exercises. Remember to get your body prepared with a quick 5 minute warm-up (ie. jogging on the spot, jump rope, jumping jacks).

Plank into Push-ups x 30 seconds

Side Bridge with Knee Drive x 30 seconds (each side)

Triceps Blasters x 30 seconds

Wall Sit with Arm Circles x 30 seconds

Side Lying Triceps Push-Up x 30 seconds (each side)

Forward-Backwards Lunge x 30 seconds (per leg)

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