Greatest Workout Experience Ever!

By: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

I'm very fortunate to receive emails on a daily basis from clients of ours all over the world who are benefiting from my Fitter U workouts. I'm really very grateful for all of the incredible and for having the ability to touch so many lives.

One such email came from a client of ours, Michael, who had been struggling with his weight for some time. It wasn't too long before he was raving about how Fitter U was the great workout experience he's ever had.

Read Michael's email for yourself:

"Dear Yuri, in late October of this year I purchased the Fitter U program. After thinking about it for way too long, I made the decision to go ahead and purchase it. At first I was a little apprehensive because I wasn't sure if this program would suite me.
I always considered myself pretty self-motivated and disciplined when it comes to sticking with a regime. I am 48 years old and have been a pretty active runner and for the last three years have been working out in the gym to help with my running. I thought your program would be good for someone who lacks motivation but certainly not for me. Boy was I wrong! After purchasing the Fitter U program I decided to stick with it whether I liked it or not. I am currently on Phase II and after recently finishing Phase I, I can honestly say it has been the greatest workout experience I have ever had.
I am looking forward to finishing the program and am very interested in the monthly Fitter U Fitness program you offer.
In addition, I purchased Treadmill Trainer, Volumes One and Two. I started with Volume One and was able to improve my speed and stamina. I am now on Volume Two and my workouts are fun, challenging and very rewarding. I am running at speeds I thought were only for those young college runners. (During my interval training I am jogging at level 5.5 to level 6 and increasing the level up to 11 plus). Wow what a difference! Seriously I thought I would never see myself running at those speeds - ever again!  A million "Thanks" for all that you do.
I appreciate all the emails and information you send me. It has helped me in ways you will never truly know. I am 6'-0" and currently weight 174 pounds. Still need to lose a little belly fat, but man, am I seeing the difference since starting Fitter U. The combined weight and cardio training has really made an improvement in my overall health and conditioning.

Michael Colonna

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