Full Body Power Workout

Yuri's Workout Log 6 - May 9, 2009

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN


I just got back in from the gym. Today was a full body power workout that primarily involved explosive Olympic lifts. If you don't know what these are then that's ok, I'll provive a brief overview below.

Anyhow, I truly enjoy these type of intense full body sessions because they get all my muscles working together and I leave the gym feeling stronger, more powerful, and ready to perform at my best! Today's training session looked like this:



1. Aerobic warm-up - 10 minutes jogging followed by 2-3 minutes dynamic stretching

2. Progressive lifting warm-up (ie. bodyweight - then barbell - squats, high pulls, reverse barbell curls) with the goal of preparing my body for the upcoming explosive movements.



3. Hang Cleans - 8 reps @ 115 lbs x 3 sets : 3 minutes rest b/w sets

In this exercise, the bar begins just above the knees and is then propelled up to, and held at, shoulder height by the powerful push of the legs and shrugging of the shoulders. As the bar reaches shoulder height, you then "catch" it by absorbing the weight into a front squat and then push back up to standing. Awesome full body exercise for developing power through the major joints of the lower body. Because the focus of this exercise was on power, more rest was taken to allow my nervous system and muscles to recover to close 100%.

4. Hang Cleans with Split Press - 4 reps @ 105 lbs x 3 sets : 3 minutes rest b/w sets

Exactly the same movement as above but, this time, when you come out of the final squat, you explode the bar above your head with the power of your legs and end up in a split stance (one foot in front of the other) with the arms oustretched overhead holding the bar.

5. Hang Pulls - 8 reps @ 95 lbs x 3 sets : 3 minutes rest b/w sets

Same starting position as the previous two. As you propel the bar upwards with the push of your legs, the arms (or rather the shoulders) shrug the bar up as high as possible (usually to about eye height) mimicking a jumping motion.

6. Front Squats - 8 reps @ 125 lbs x 3 sets : 2 minute rest b/w sets

These are pretty straight forward. The barbell is on the front of your shoulders, guided by your hands/arms, as you go through the squatting motion. Be sure that your elbows and upper arms are parallel to the floor.

These are obviously technically challenging full body exercises to perform and explain but damn are they great. Although my Fitter U program doesn't involve Olympic lifting, it does involve 12 weeks of full body workouts that you can do, no matter what your fitness level. I will often do those workouts and mix them in with these more advanced sport-specific power training full body workouts (phew...that was a mouth full!).

Tomorrow, I might be shooting a bunch of workout videos so needless to say I won't be working out. However, if we're unable to shoot then I'll be at the gym for another great workout. I'll keep you posted.


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