Fat Burning Exercises

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN




Want some great fat burning exercises?

Have you watched the video yet? If not, go do it and then we'll talk about fat burning.

If you want to burn fat, there's one concept I really want you to remember and apply. It's INTENSITY! Exercise intensity is the key to burning fat. Why do I say that? Well, aside from the fact that hundreds of scientific studies show that intensity is the key to burning fat, and improving your overall fitness level, compared to slow boring workouts, I've applied it and seen it time and time again work for myself and thousands of my clients around the world.


What Do I Mean by Intensity?

That's a good question. Intensity can be created in a number of ways. As a rule of thumb, anything that gets you breathing very heavily is a good gauge of how intensely you're working out. If you want to burn fat, then you need to huff and puff! Got it?

So here are a few ways that you can increase your exercise intensity for maximum fat burning results:

  • Use heavier weights - lifting more weight (with proper form obviously) immediately recruits more muscle fibers and, thus, more oxygen to energize those muscles. This makes it more effective for burning away your fat stores.

  • Lift over a greater distance - moving a weight from the floor to above your head is far more demanding than doing a simple biceps curl. Based on the laws of physics, the definition of "work" is force times distance. Therefore, the more muscular force you apply over a greater distance, the more work your body has to do, which means that it will be burning more calories!
  • Increase your tempo - I would apply this rule more towards bodyweight exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, and walking up stairs. The faster you move, the more work your muscles will be doing. This results in burning more calories.

Now applying these rules, let's look at the 4 fat burning exercises from my workout video.


1. DB Squat Presses

As you'll have noticed, this exercise involves moving your body and your weights from close to the floor (at the bottom of the squat) to way above your head as you push up. This exercise uses the concept of lifting over a greater distance - incorporate a huge amount of muscle mass. That's why it's so damn tough and effective. Want to make it even more effective? What do you think we could do? Did you say use heavier weights? Well done!


2. Pull-ups

This is a classic body shaping and strength exercise that is suprisingly more difficult than you would think. Not only does it recruit all your arm's pulling muscles, it also heavily involves your lats - those big back muscles that give you the beautiful V-shape. To make this exercise even more challenging simply increase your tempo so that you're moving up and down as quick as possible. The true test is to keep your body as strong and stable as possible so that you're not swinging all over the place.


3. DB Cleans

The dumbbell variation of the classic Olympic lift. This is one of my favourite fat burning exercises because I also use it for my sport-specific jump training workouts. It involves you moving the weight from the floor to above your shoulders as explosively as possible. Similar to the squat presses, the exercises uses all your muscles and that's why it's so good at burning fat. Interestingly, the heavier the weight you use on this exercise, the easier it is to do correctly.


4. DB Push-Up Pulls

This exercise involves a huge amount of core stability and full body strength. The goal is not to twist your hips as you pull the weight back. You must heavily engage your core muscles to stay square and obviously the heavier the weight you use, the more challenging it becomes to keep your core and hips in a static position. One of my all-time favourite fat loss exercises since it involves all of your upper body muscles.


What's makes these exercises even more challenging is that they are to be done back-to-back with no rest! As I demonstrate in the video you go from one to the next with no rest. This incorporates the concept of "increasing your tempo" so that your body has no time to recover. As a result, you will feel your heart pounding as it tries to get you through this fat burning workout!


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