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Product-Related Questions


What do I need to get started?

All you need to enjoy the Fitter U workouts is an iPod, mp3 player, or CD player. Other than that, for the workouts themselves, you only need a stability ball, a few dumbbells, a step, and that's it. A cardio machine is recommended but not mandatory.


What if I don't have an iPod or mp3 player?

Not to worry. You can still use the 80-page Fitter U Success Journal to guide you through your workouts. This downloadable PDF e-book has all your workout tracker, exercise pictures, and everything else you need to complete the Fitter U program.


Are these workouts only for the gym?

No. The Fitter U workouts are designed to be used anywhere such as the gym, your home, and even while you travel. The only pieces of equipment you need are a stability ball, a few dumbbells, a step, and that's it. A cardio machine is recommended but not mandatory. Because of this, the majority of our Fitter U clients use the workouts while at home.


How do I know if Fitter U will suit my fitness level?

Good question. The answer is pretty simple. Fitter U is suitable for any fitness level! The reason for this is that all the workouts are based on time-based circuit training intervals, which means that you won't be asked to lift a specific weight, but rather to choose a weight and pace that will challenge you.

For instance, in your Day 1 workout you will be asked to complete as many push ups as you can in 30 seconds. For some people this might mean 30 push ups while for other it might be 5. You've got my guidance and encouragement over your headphones and ultimately you do what you can by giving YOUR 100%.

Rest assured, we have every walk of life using the Fitter U workouts from elite athletes who want to get even fitter to absolute couch potatoes who are looking to lose some serious weight.


Download and Technical Assistance


What happens after I purchase?

Upon purchasing Fitter U two things will happen:

  1. You will be directed to our download page where you can immediately download all of the workouts, and

  2. We (Total Wellness Consulting) will send you an email with these same download links so that you have them on file in case you change computers, move, or anything else comes up.

You can then click on each link to download the workout files onto your computer’s hard drive. Each MP3 file is compressed in zip format (in order to speed download time), so ensure that once they are on your computer you “unzip” or “decompress” the files.

Once the files are on your computer you can then upload them to the appropriate software to get them onto your MP3 player.


Download Instructions:

1. Open the welcome email that was sent to you (from Total Wellness Consulting) upon purchasing your program(s) OR if you're on the download page...

2. Click the download link(s) to download the workout(s) to your computer's desktop.

3. A "File Download" box will appear asking you to "Open", "Save", or "Cancel".

4. Choose "Save" to save the program to your desktop and then allow the program to download (may take several minutes).

5. Find the newly downloaded program (which is in a zipped folder) on your desktop and RIGHT CLICK on the icon (should look like a locked folder).

6. A drop-down menu will appear.

7. Select "Extract files..." to unzip the folder and release its contents.

7. The folder's contents (ie. your workouts) will automatically be saved into a normal looking folder (ie. unzipped) and are now ready to be accessed and uploaded your player of choice.


For iPods (using iTunes):

1. Note the name of the folder in which the downloaded workout (MP3) files have been saved.

2. Open iTunes.

3. Click on "File" on the top left of the iTunes window - a drop down menu will appear.

4. Select “Add Folder to Library…” – add folder in which your downloaded (and unzipped) files have been saved.

5. Your MP3 workouts are now ready to upload to your iPod.

6. Simply click and drag the desired MP3 workouts from your iTunes library onto the iPod icon (on the left hand panel of iTunes).

7. You’re all set to go!


For MP3 players (using Windows Media Player):

1. Note the name of the folder in which the downloaded MP3 files have been saved.

2. Open Windows Media Player

3. Click on the small triangular button (top right corner) to drop down menu.

4. Select "File" from the little arrow near the top corner of the Windows Media Player window.

5. Select “Add to Library” from the drop down list.

6. Select “Add folder…” – add folder in which your unzipped MP3 workout files have been saved.

7. You’re now ready to upload the workouts onto your MP3 player.

8. Click and drag the desired workout files into the "Playlist" section of Windows Media Player.

9. Once all your workout files have been put into the "Playlist" section, click on "Start Sync" for the upload to your MP3 player to begin.


How large (memory space) are the Fitter U files?

All of the Fitter U MP3/iPod workouts files range in size from 70 to 110 MB per workout. Depending on your connection speed, these files may take up to 20 minutes to download. The PDFs (Success Journal) are much smaller and take no time at all to download.


What happens if I have an iPod Shuffle or Nano? Will the workouts still fit?

Of course! Most iPod Shuffles can hold up to 1 GB and Nanos can hold up to 8 GB. Since our workouts range in size from 80 to 130 MB you can easily upload up to 9 or 10 workouts (on a Shuffle) and all of the workouts onto an iPod Nano.

Regarding the iPod Shuffle: Because the workouts don't always have to be on your shuffle you can upload and then remove the workouts as you choose.


Is there a difference between MP3 and iPod workouts?

No. They both refer to the same thing which is basically an audio file that can be played on both mp3 players and iPods. iPod is simply a trademarked name of Apple Inc. And iPod is a type of mp3 player which can play mp3 files such as our workouts.


What kind of Internet Connection do I need?

It is recommended that you have a high speed connection to the internet in order to facilitate and speed download times. The MP3 files are compressed in a zip file which makes the download more efficient but the files are very large and can take hours to download over a dial up connection.

Our server has the capacity to handle thousands of visitors at a time but that is only one component of the process. The other component is the service provider in which you use to connect to the internet. If your server has limited bandwidth it could corrupt your download.


How long does is take for the workouts to download onto my computer?

It all depends on your internet connection and which program you are downloading. If you are using a high speed connection each workout should take no longer than 10-12 minutes to download. If you are using a dial up connection then the download process can take much longer.

We've zipped all the workouts into zip files in order to speed the download process as best possible.


What kind of computer hardware do I need?

If you have a high speed connection and a CD burner, you can opt to purchase a MP3 download and create your own CD using any one of several types of free MP3 software (such as iTunes or Windows Media). If you have the necessary connection and hardware then you can choose to burn your own Treadmill Trainer CD in the case of not having an MP3 player.

Don’t worry it is very easy to do.

However, if you have an MP3 player, then there’s no need to burn any CDs. Simply upload the MP3 files right onto your MP3 player from its respective software program (eg. Apple’s iPod uses iTunes to upload songs).


Still have more questions?

Send your question to info(at)totalwellnessconsulting. We will be sure to respond within 24 hours.