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For over 12 years, Yuri Elkaim has been regarded as one of the best personal trainers in Toronto. He has personally worked with over 1,200 hundred people helping them lose weight fast and get in the best shape of their lives. He is also the head strength & conditioning coach for the men's soccer program at the University of Toronto.

Yuri is a certified kinesiologist, registered holistic nutritionist, holds a Bachelors of Physical Education and Health from the University of Toronto, and is world-renowned weight loss and strength and conditioning expert.

He is also the author of Eating for Energy, a highly sought-after speaker, and a regular contributor to many health and fitness magazines including Inside Fitness, VIVA, Fitness Business Canada, Wish, and Maximum Fitness. He has also been featured on Breakfast Television, e-Talk Daily, Global TV news, and A-Channel Morning.

In 2006, Yuri took his personal training experience and expertise and packaged it in a more affordable and accessible format so that more people around the world, not just in Toronto, could benefit from his fitness coaching and motivation. What he developed was an iPod workout program called Fitter U. It is the world's only 12-week weight loss workout program for iPod/mp3 players and features Yuri's voice on your headphones guiding and coaching you throughout 35 hours of personal training workouts!

Considering that Yuri no longer works one-on-one with clients, Fitter U is truly your next best option. And you won't have pay the hundreds of dollars per hour that he noramlly charges! And 15,000 people can't possibly be wrong!

Here's what some of Yuri's Fitter U clients have said...


"I have worked out with several trainers in the past years, but I must say that Yuri and his Fitter U program are in a league of their own."

"I am a very busy executive and have very little time to work out. I also seem to have a very short attention span. My workouts need to be time efficient and fun.

I have worked out with several trainers in the past years, but I must say that Yuri and his Fitter U program are in a league of their own. Understanding how to motivate, constantly coaching and encouraging, and ever-changing workouts is what Fitter U has brought into my life.

I look forward to the variety that Fitter U brings to my training sessions as well as the intelligent fashion that Yuri communicates the goals of each workout and the steps we will take to achieve them."

Alex F.
Toronto, Canada


"Neither of us are big fans of the machines and that's one of the things we love about Fitter U - there are no machines!"

"Both Andrew and I started working out with Yuri several years ago but as a result of our (and Yuri's) busy schedules we've resorted to using his Fitter U program as much as possible.

Our initial goal was to improve our strength and conditioning for rock-climbing and down-hill skiing. What we’ve enjoyed most about Yuri and Fitter U, and why we keep returning to it, is the fact that each work-out session is different. We enjoy this variety.

Neither of us are big fans of the machines and that's one of the things we love about Fitter U - there are no machines! We’ve seen steady improvements and feel in great shape. Fitter U pushes us to our limits while making each session interesting and fun. We recently had the opportunity to test our endurance in Hong Kong when we pelted down a mountain side, which was designated to take two hours, in less than an hour.

We’ve been really happy with the results of our training with Yuri's Fitter U program and highly recommend it.

Andrew Mikitchook and Francoise Ko
Toronto, Canada


"I feel great! I can already feel and see a difference both physically and mentally."

"About a month ago, I finally joined a gym here in Boston and started using your Fitter U program. (I proudly declined the complementary training session offered as part of the gym membership and told the sales rep that I already had a personal trainer on my iPod). After Day 1, I knew I would be hooked. The workouts are fun, energizing, and fit easily into my busy schedule - there's no need to spend all day at the gym!

What I love about the program is that I no longer have to think about my workout - no more considering, "what should I work on next?". Fitter U is productive and efficient, and having you in my ear, encouraging and pushing me, truly is the next best thing to working with you in person. I find I've been pushing myself harder during the Phase 1 workouts than I normally would have if I was on my own.

Most importantly, I feel great! I can already feel and see a difference both physically and mentally. The interval training has helped boost my stamina and endurance, which I really notice on the cardio days. And the positive imagery and coaching you provide has filtered into my daily life. I find I'm setting goals and rewards for myself beyond the workouts, and when the going gets tough (both during interval training and in my life), I try to smile and think of how good I'll feel when I get through to the end."

Andrew Swartz
Boston, USA


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If you'd like enjoy Yuri Elkaim's fitness coaching and are sick and tired of sub-par results or looking for trainers who appear to be qualified, then why not get started with his revolutionary Fitter U workout program. With Fitter U, you'll never to hire a personal trainer and you'll never workout alone again!


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