Advanced Abdominal Workout for Six Pack Abs

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN




If you want six pack abs and consider yourself somewhat advanced when it comes to working out, then this abdominal workout should be right up your alley.

As you've probably noticed from the video, there are only 3 exercises but boy are they challenging. These ab exercises include:

1. Half Turkish Get Ups into Side Bridge

2. L Pull-ups

3. Stability Ball Deadbug

What makes these so effective at sculpting and toning your core?

Well, for starters, they are full body movements which means that they recruit a lot of muscle mass. This means that you'll be burning more calories than you would with a simple small movement like a sit up.

Second, they are challenging but they involve movements and static stability at the same time. For instance, the L Pull-ups are killer because you have to hold your legs parallel to the floor as you do your pull-ups. In doing so, you activate your lower abs and deep core muscles to stabilize your legs and torso throughout the whole movement. And boy is the movement deadly (in a good way) for your abs!

Also, the stability ball deadbug is much more challenging than it looks because there's a huge amount of muscle contraction during this "seemingly" simple exercise. Both your knee and opposite arm are fully engaged into squeezing the ball as lower your other arm and leg. You'll see what I mean as soon as you try this abdominal exercise.

But remember, that to get six pack abs and actually see them you need to cut your body fat. You can do all the abdominal workouts in the whole and still never see defined abs if your body fat is higher than 10% guys, and roughly 18% gals.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you follow a healthy whole food diet and do full body workout routines instead of training small muscle groups one by one.

So there you have it! Give this abdominal workout a go and remember to eat healthy and train hard to cut your body so you can see the results of your hard work!

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