5-Minute Fat Burning Workout

by: Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN



Recently, I've been having a lot of fun putting together and experimenting with some serious fat burning workouts. I'm a huge fan of intense full body workouts that leave me dripping with sweat by the time I'm finished. It just so happens that these intense workouts are also required if you want burn fat and lose weight.

The biggest mistake I see people make in the gym is that they work out with enough intensity. I don't care whether your goal is to gain strength, size, or lose weight, intensity is absolutely essential.

In the video at the top of this page, I show you one such workout. The cool thing about it is that you don't need any equipment, just a chin up bar and your body weight. With those you will performing a simple upper body complex consisting of push-ups and pull-ups. That's it!

Sound easy?

Well, it's not. Here's why.

There is absolutely no rest during the entire workout. That's right - no rest! Reducing (or eliminating) any recovery time during your workouts instantly makes them much more difficult. There is less time for your muscle to regenerate, less time for your heart rate to come down, and less time for that little voice in your head to veer you off course.

Therefore, this workout should only take you about 5 minutes! Pretty cool, eh?

Here's to Set-up Your 5-Minute Fat Burning Workout

As we mentioned, you will be doing push-up and pull-ups with no rest in between each. You will do a total of 5 sets (or more if you like) whereby each set will consist of 10 push ups followed by 5 pull ups (any kind you like).

Push ups x 10 reps

Pull ups x 5 reps

Repeat 5 times with no rest.

With the push-ups make sure you go all the way down to the floor and push yourself all the way back up so that your arms are fully extended. Likewise, with your pull-ups, be sure to get the full range of motion. Come all the way down so that your arms are fully extended and then pull yourself up so that your chin clears the bar.

Range of motion is critical because not does recruit more muscle and get you stronger through the entire range of motion but it also makes the exercise more beneficial when it comes to burning fat. It's simple physics.

Work = force x distance.

Therefore, the more force you apply (ie. muscle force production) over a greater distance (ie. full range of motion) will mean that you are doing more work. When you do more work, you burn more calories and better your chances of losing weight and burning fat.

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